In 2005 the boys moved to a new site at Inhamizua and building work started in the same year so that now there is a dormitory block, a sanitary block, two classrooms and a basic kitchen.


There are 26 boys currently living at Casa Reom and the ages range from 5 to 20 years. Children arrive at Casa Reom from government orphanages or are brought by social services or individuals. The typical daily program starts with cleaning up, helping to prepare breakfast and a time of worship and before school starts at 8.30 am.


The older boys go into town for school or to attend vocational training. Some children attend night school. Bed time is normally at 9pm.

Who We Help



Very often little is known of a boy’s history when he arrives. Some come from families who can no longer look after the children due to poverty or illness.


The background of each child is investigated by Casa Reom and social services working together. Where family members can be found then an attempt is made to re-integrate the boys back into families who can care for them.


In some cases this means providing assistance to the families. Visits are made by Casa Reom staff to the boys who have been re-integrated.


Those boys who have no family are brought up and educated at Casa Reom until they can become independent adults. Training is provided to find vocations and help them into jobs after they leave the centre.


More than 114 children have been integrated between 2010 and 2011. Above are some of the stories of boys who have become independent adults after leaving Casa Reom. For some of the stories of the boys that have been re-intergrated please click here 




Re-Integration and Independence

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