House Building

YWAM Beira have started a programme of house building for some of the poorest people around the city. The programme is funded by organisations and private donors who want to help the people of Beira recover from the devastation caused by cyclone Idai. The staff at Casa Reom are managing this project through their existing links with people in the community.

When cyclone Idai swept through Beira in March 2019, Matilde and her family sheltered under a tree as their mud and grass home was blown away. The trees collapsed on top of each other but miraculously, no-one was injured.

Matilde's husband has no job, although they did have a small business at one time. The family believe it was a miracle that saved them on the night of the cyclone and have been helped by one of Escola Reom's teachers who lives nearby.

The houses are built to withstand any future storms, using a re-enforced concrete structure. They have between 2 and 3 bedrooms as well as a kitchen and living room, a big change from the single-room huts shared by many families.

The houses are built by young people being trained in construction techniques. The college instructors supervise the trainees but it is the whole community who learn! Local people see these methods of building stronger houses, the first step to improving the quality of housing in the city.

The expression on the faces of Matilde and her daughters says it all! They are delighted to receive keys for the door to their new house.

A total of 7 houses for families in and around Beira have been built so far.

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