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Escola Reom

Primary Education

Escola Reom is the school that is based at Casa Reom’s Inhamizua site. The school provides primary education, up to Year 6 (Grades 1 to 6), for around 600 children from the local community.


The younger children from Casa Reom attend Escola Reom. The older boys attend secondary schools and colleges nearby.

The school teaches the Mozambique national curriculum but with a Christian ethos throughout. The school is open to people of all faiths.

Teaching Staff

Escola Reom is run by Casa Reom staff with teachers being selected and employed in consultation with the education department. The government pays the teachers basic wages which are supplemented by Casa Reom to maintain a high standard of education.


The school has an excellent reputation in the local community and parents are invited to  contribute in their children's education. Tabita, one of the Casa Reom staff, is an experienced counsellor and is on site on school days to support parent liaison.

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