Meet the Trustees

Iain Slater
Iain is the Secretary and Treasurer of the Trust. Originally from Scotland, Iain has a heart for community development and is a Chartered Engineer.
Iain puts together Newsletters and deals with communications between donors and the Trust, and takes photos and video.
Iain lives in Belfast and represents Casa Reom Trust in Northern Ireland
Dave MacLellan
Dave is the Chairman of the Trust. Also born in Scotland, Dave has visited Casa Reom 5 times and is trained in Engineering and experienced in Marketing.
Dave takes a lot of photos which are used on the website.
Farai Mutsambiwa
Farai is head of Grant Applications. Originally from Zimbabwe, Farai has worked for several non-profit organisations and is an experienced fundraiser.
Farai applies for funding and organises prayer support for Casa Reom locally.