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Trust Fundraising
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Reom Trust is a fund-raising charity and the money we received is sent directly to YWAM who run the Casa Reom project. All of the trustees are volunteers, so the only expenses are around £100 per year of administrative costs.

YWAM provide the Trust with information on how the money is spent which we verify through regular communication and visits to Mozambique. Casa Reom costs around £36K per year to run which is used in the following way:

Running Casa Reom

These funds are used to support a variety of activities in the Beira area of Mozambique.

30 Beds.png

Casa Reom is home for around 25 boys who do not have family members that can support them. The centre at Inhamizua provides food, accommodation, education and training to prepare the boys for an independent life. The centre has a current capacity of 30 beds and space is planned for up to 70 children.

600 Children.png

Escola Reom is a school for around 600 primary school children who live in the community of Inhamizua. It is part funded by the Mozambique government and part by Casa Reom and occupies the same site as Casa Reom. There are 13 qualified teachers who work at the school, supported by Casa reom staff.

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Casa Reom supports around 500 families around Beira and further away. The well at Casa Reom is available for local families who do not have a clean water supply. The families of children attending Escola Reom receive subsidies and are invited to community events held on the site. Support for re-integrated children, some living hundreds of km away from Beira, provides ongoing support for boys who now live with members of their extended family.

Annual Reports

Further details on costs and activities of Casa Reom can be found in the Casa Reom Trust annual reports.

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