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Building Programme

Casa Reom was in the middle of a building programme when cyclone Idai hit in March 2019. Some of the buildings under construction were damaged and an appeal was made to fix the damage. It was decided that the opportunity should be taken to Build Back Better. This meant not only making the buildings stronger but expanding the scope of the work to further support the local community whose needs were now even greater.

Build Back Better.png

The base for the new Staff Accommodation Block is nearly complete. The initial foundations have been dug and concrete has been laid below ground level. The concrete base for the building sits almost a meter above ground level to provide alleviation for any local flooding. The base of concrete is built on a platform of large rocks and consists of poured re-enforced concrete.

The Staff Accommodation Block is being designed flexibly to house several families or a team of single workers. Currently staff accommodation is available in the smaller rooms of the boy's dormitory, so the new block will free up more room for them.

Work has started to provide an office block and vocational training facilities at the main Casa Reom site. The office will provide secure facilities for Casa Reom and Escola Reom while the vocational block will house the expanding sewing classes. Eventually this block may also provide space for a computer training suite.

The original plans for an office were far more limited but as part of the Build Back Better approach, the vision for this building has been expanded while the overall costs have also been reduced. Many of the opportunities this new block provides also create the opportunity for income generation that will lead to greater sustainability in the long term.

The main sanitary block at Casa Reom was originally designed for the boys who live at Casa Reom. At this time, Escola Reom had an attendance of a few hundred children who occasionally used these facilities.

​​With the growth of Escola Reom to around 600 pupils, the new sanitary block will improve the toilet and washing facilities for these children. Now that the water system has been upgraded this provides the opportunity to teach better hygene to school children which will be so important while getting the school back up and running after the Covid closures.

As part of Building Back Better, the dining room has been rebuilt to accommodate around 100 people along with a secure food store and bigger kitchen.

The boys and staff now have a dry and secure facility for meals, meeting together and other leisure activities. A new Kitchen provides an indoor space for food preparation and cooking and a bigger food store allows Casa Reom to buy food in bulk at a cheaper price with extra for people in the local community.

The larger size can cater for community meetings, such as Escola Reom parents' meetings and in the longer term it can be hired out for weddings and other community events.

During cyclone Idai, the former home of Casa Reom in the centre of Beira was badly damaged, with the roof blown off and the Casa Reom office and all the office equipment destroyed.

Through the generous donations of YWAM supporters, YWAM Beira's town centre building has been repaired and renovated.

While this building is primarily used for YWAM Beira it has been Oliviera, the Casa Reom leader, who has managed this project at the same time as the other building work on the main site. By using the same Build Back Better principles there are now better, safer facilities which can also be enjoyed by visitors to Casa Reom.

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